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Top 5 Selling Christmas Gifts For Boys in 2018

18 Nov, 2018

If you ask mom and dad what is the best Christmas gift for their boys, they are likely to recommend books or clothing. You know, practical things. But if you ask boys what they want for Christmas, their answers are different since teens are by default picky people.

Therefore, I strongly suggest you to ask them to write down a wish list for Christmas. But if there is not an option for you, you can consider the following list of top 5 selling Christmas gift for boys in 2018. It is based on the result of a survey on over 50,000 boys.

Video Games

Boys often have special feelings toward video games and they are sure to be very happy when they receive such gifts on Christmas. Actually, with any Christmas season, there are always countless video games released so as to entice willing parents to buy them for their boys. But 09 is really a tough year since many parents are on a budget. But anyway parents can choose such cheap but interesting games as Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2 for boys, they will be happy.

Special T-shirt

If you stick to choose some kind of clothes for your boys, there are also some good ideas for you, which can make your boys happy. Choose a special T-shirt is good, such as a piece of classic Ed hardy shirt which is loved by many superstars. Absolutely, your boys would be very excited for receiving such kind of gift. And you are also very happy for this gift has practical use.

Just keep in mind that the T-shirt you choose should be special and right to your boys’ taste.

Digital Camera

Boys often have great interest in novel things and sometimes they go out with friends to do some exploration. If you get a wonderful digital camera for you boys, they can record what they find and when they grow up, it would be a cherished memory for them.


Shoes show the personality of boys, so boys always pay great attention to their shoes. If you could get a pair of distinctive shoes for them as Christmas gift, they will be excited. The question is what kind of shoes is right to their mind. And when shopping for teen guys, it’s essential for you to know the difference between awesome and dorky. Only a pair of shoes that impress both you and your gift as ‘totally cool’ is the best choice. It may take you some time to find such kind of shoes, but if you find, your boys will be very happy.


Just think about that if your kids can surf without waves and snow, how excited they will be! Every day your boys have to spend some time on study and in spare time they often stay at home lonely. If you get a skateboard for them, they can skate with friends and lead a colorful life then. So skateboard is also a sound Christmas gift idea for choosing gifts for boys.

Anyway, the gifts you choose for your boys should base on the interest of your boys. Hope all of you could get wonderful Christmas gifts for your boys.

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